Make your travels memorable for all the right reasons.

There’s nothing quite like zipping up your bags, making your way through the hustle and bustle of the airport and jetting off on a new travel adventure. For the most part, travelling is an exciting time to discover foreign places and make new memories. However, a sudden illness, serious injury or your luggage going AWOL could also turn out to be pretty memorable – for all the wrong reasons. If you’re planning a trip outside the borders of South Africa (even to neighbouring countries of South Africa), take note of these important travel tips from Chubb Travel Insurance to help protect you from any mishaps that could leave a serious dent in your finances and emotions:

  • Take care of medical expenses with travel insurance

    No-one likes to consider the worst-case scenario, but serious injuries and illnesses when travelling abroad may lead to the need for emergency medical treatment and possibly medical evacuation. The associated medical costs can rapidly run into millions of Rand, especially in countries with high healthcare costs such as the US, Europe or certain Far East countries. For example, surgical treatment of a broken arm in the US can cost anywhere from $16,000[1] or more. To ensure these costs can be paid upfront and won’t be added to your travel budget, it is essential to have travel insurance in place that will cover any medical emergencies and provide you with the support and on-the- ground assistance you need in a time of crisis.