Finally, the festive season is upon us and this can only mean one thing. HOLIDAY TIME! You’ve worked hard all year-long and no one deserves a holiday more than you. However, as a parent, this can be rather difficult, as you know, and the trick to a relaxing and well-deserved holiday rests on keeping your little ones occupied and happy.

Let Mango help you with some simple, yet effective, life hacks to entertain your children during your travels this festive season.

The adventure begins:

The airport can be an exciting place for a child, use your surroundings to your advantage. Take your little ones for long walks along the windows that overlook the runway. There is nothing more exciting than seeing one of our bright orange Boeing New Generation B737-800s taking off or coming into land.

Enthral your kids with interesting and fun facts about the aviation industry and what makes “a plane stay in the air without flapping its wings”.

You could also play creative games with your children around the airport, like “I spy with my little eye, something that begins with …”, or take advantage of airport travel lounges which are often quieter than the airport area itself and pass the time by having a pre-flight snack.

An affordable, yet effective, method to keep your little one completely distracted is by bringing along some bubble wrap – make sure it is all popped by the time you board the plane to be good air neighbours. Young children should always be supervised when playing with plastic.


Taking off:

It is always a great idea to encourage a nap for little ones at cruising altitude. For older children, never forget that technology is your friend. If possible, bring along an iPad filled with favourite movies. This will ensure you and fellow guests on board will have a pleasant journey to your holiday destination. P.S. don’t forget the earphones 😛

Also, make sure to take kiddie-friendly snacks along, with activities such as travel puzzles, games like snakes and ladders, or colouring in activities and reading books.

However, if you forgot the puzzles, no need to fret. Mango now offers a new tablet sleeve, which includes a Jungle Beat DVD with three episodes, UV400 sunglasses, A4 notepad, pen, Magic cube key ring and an A4 Activity sheet. This should keep the little person nice and relaxed throughout the flight.


Landing for fun:

FINALLY, YOU MADE IT! Now you can start having real fun. If at the beach, don’t forget the bucket, spade and a huge colourful beach ball. But most importantly, don’t forget the sunblock.

Long adventure walks with the kids are great, not only just for getting out of your hotel, but it is essential that our future generation knows the importance of Mother Nature, especially for South Africa.

It will also be a good idea to do some Googling about kiddie friendly attractions close to your holiday spot. For those quieter days, take along board games and other activities and make your own fun!

Follow these easy tips and you are sure to have a great family holiday where you will be able to recharge your batteries at one of our country’s beautiful local holiday destinations.