The lion of legend enters the next phase of his life in the comfort of his home with a new family and friends.

The much-loved Sylvester the Lion has found his home at Kuzuko Lodge, a private lodge bordering on the Northern Part of the Addo Elephant Park in the Eastern Cape. The lion gained notoriety for managing to escape from the Karoo National Park and going on the run for three weeks before being recaptured. In this time, he captured the hearts of South Africans who were all rooting for his safety. The story now has a new chapter, and after a year within the safety of Kuzuko Private Game Reserve and its
surrounds, Sylvester has finally managed to find a place to call home and settle down. Sylvester was initially placed in an encampment with another male lion named Fielies, to bond to form a male lion

“The move to create a bond between the two was successful, as Sylvester and Fielies and the two in fact bonded well and were released into the reserve a year ago. This gave both lions an opportunity to befriend – and hopefully mate with – the two female lions who were released into the reserve only a day before Sylvester and Fielies. It appears that Sylvester and Fielies have quite a solid bond, and the two females have responded well to both of them, with the four of them having now created their own pride,” says Gerhard de Lange, Manager at Kuzuko Lodge.

The two males first took their time to survey their new domain and mark out their territory before taking any interest in the two female lions at the Lodge. Sylvester has taken a great interest in the female called Angel, while Fielies has shown a preference for Nicka. However, in spite of how well the lions get along with each other, Sylvester spent the first eight months of his release from his enclosure roaming the mountains.