Imagine waking up to the wild roar of lions, the murmuring of the mighty Zambezi and a wild chorus of grunting hippos!!! A quick hot shower and a wake-me-up coffee before heading out to watch the rising sun awaken this iconic river into a gold and purple kaleidoscope. Watching the rays of the sun pierce through the morning mist rising from the river is such a beautiful sight to behold. In the distance, I can smell the sizzling aroma of breakfast wafting by. This is another beautiful day on safari and in more ways than one, Sian Simba River Lodge brings out the magical charm of the Zambezi.

1.The Camp – The luxury tented suites combine an authentic bush experience with all the contemporary amenities that is nothing but comfortable. This eco-friendly camp runs on green energy so you may miss one or two things like hair dryers and aircons, but the epic views from the balcony – some tents facing the mighty Zambezi while others face a vlei, each with incredible wildlife sightings more than makes up for it. The dining area, bar and lounge is perched on the banks of the Zambezi and the views are as unforgettable as the dining experiences, including some great vegetarian dishes. The well-stocked bar is as ever flowing as the Zambezi, so thirst is alien to these parts of the world.

2.The mighty Zambezi – Sunrises and sunsets on the Zambezi are beyond spectacular, as is everything in between. If tiger fishing on the upper Zambezi is on your bucket list, then Sian Simba is the place for it. There’s even a seasonal island perfect for a bush picnic in the low season. So, whether you want to experience the Zambezi from its river banks or cruising the photon, an adventure awaits!!!


3. Epic Wildlife Encounters – I hear the sound of lions roaring a few hundred yards from my tent and see the unmistakable buffalo tracks through the camp. It is located in the middle of the Zambezi National Park in the heart of KAZA (Kavango–Zambezi Trans frontier Conservation Area), the world’s largest conservation area that’s nearly twice the size of Belgium, so you can imagine the wildlife that traverses in and around the lodge. Enjoy an arm chair safari from the deck of your tent, and enjoy the game drives and even walking safaris that are on offer. We did a night game drive and that was absolutely spectacular!!!

4. Incredible People – The camp is a celebration of the best of Zimbabwe’s people; warm hospitality, agility, resilience and tenacity. The camp managers have been raising the Zimbabwe flag high for a few decades now, having managed some of the best resorts in East Africa, the head chef has worked on cruise ships and on three continents, and the head guide is an incredibly passionate custodian of the natural world who has spent most of his life- in the bush. Sitting around the campfire you realise that each and every one at Sian Simba River Lodge has a beautiful story, with one of the special ones being about the guys who started out as contractors when the camp was nothing but bush, and who like our ever-smiling waiter, having barely been exposed to tourism, and have evolved into new and exciting roles!


5. Victoria Falls – I can’t think of many locations in the world where you can combine a safari experience with a Natural World Wonder and UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s location just an hour away from the world-famous Mosi-oa-Tunya in Africa’s adventure capital Victoria Falls, home to the meanest Whitewater rafting in the world, bungee jumping, enables visitors to combine a superb safari experience with so much more.