While we are all on lock-down within the comfort of our own homes it is important to spare a thought for the people in South Africa who are continuing to serve their country on a daily basis. These are the brave members of society who are keeping our beautiful country running and risking their own health and their families’ health to do it, including the police force, petrol attendants, cashiers, doctors and many more.

Over the last few weeks we have seen our work force divided in two, those who’ve had to down tools and go into lock-down and those who provide the essential services we cannot live without. This includes a group of brave people who continue to fight a war in our country, which has been raging since long before anyone uttered the words “social distancing”. These brave men and women are the people on the ground keeping our beloved, vulnerable wildlife safe. During the COVID-19 outbreak we salute those rangers that are continuing to fight the war against poaching within South Africa’s national parks.

Although we might not be able to get out there and support these unsung heroes on the ground, we can still support the brands and businesses who donate the funds that keep them going.


John Hooper is the Founder and Director of Rhino Tears Wine, a wine brand that contributes R15 of every bottle sold directly to the SANParks Honorary Rangers, to support the fight against rhino poaching.

Hooper says: “I launched Rhino Tears out of a desire to contribute to the preservation of a creature that is close to my heart. Rhino Tears isn’t about making money, it’s about creating change and giving people the chance to get involved in something important. The beauty lies in the fact that our customers can enjoy a great glass of wine, while knowing that they’ve contributed to a great cause.”


Rhino Tears wine is available for purchase at around R75 per bottle online at www.rhinotears.co.za . Although you might have to wait longer than usual for your delivery, you can rest assured that you have done your part to support the rangers in their efforts to protect our rhino.

Stay safe, stay indoors and help flatten the curve.