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There’s something quite magical about this time of year. Winter time is a great time for locals to travel as this is the time of year where many up-market establishments turn their attention to the South African tourist market as they experience a lull in occupancy as their normal target market prefers to stay home and enjoy their few short summer months. Keep your eyes open as you’ll see some fantastic travel deals start filtering through and who knows, you may finally be able to tick one of those “bucket list” destinations off your list.

The good news is that right now you need very little money, if any at all, to embark on another trip of a lifetime. In this edition of Wildside your travel itinerary includes a visit to four of the most seductive tented camps in South Africa and Namibia, a trip to a mountain resort that nestles serenely at the foot of Rhino Horn peak, a sneak peek at a brand new walking trail being launched later in the year and the opportunity to see first-hand all the good that is being done in the conservation industry.

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