The All New Luggage Glove

The Luggage Glove is a protective cover that goes over your trolley suitcase and has the ability to
be locked shut to deter common travel problems. The design takes the handles and wheel positions
of different suitcase types into account so you can still use your luggage as intended. The luggage
problems associated with all different types of travel can be summarized into these four categories.

Baggage handlers and screeners who steal items from your
luggage between your check-in and arrival at your destination.
Carousel, baggage handling and conveyance systems always
have the potential to damage your luggage during transit.
Generally speaking, there are many similar types and colours of
suitcases being used during travel. It is not uncommon for
luggage to be mistakenly picked up by the wrong owner.
Travellers to or within the United States now need a lock that is
recognized and accepted by the TSA. Without this, travellers
risk their locks being forced open to inspect their luggage.

The Luggage Glove is Available in Small, Medium & Large to be in best proportion to the luggage sizes
most commonly available. The Diamond Luggage Glove is version 4 having gone through continuous
improvements and developments to offer the best protective luggage cover on the market. Easy to
use, and extremely effective in deterring common travel problems, the Luggage Glove can be used
repeatedly for years of travel. A Luggage Glove isn’t a short-term fix, it’s a long-term solution.
Travel with total peace of mind, without wasting money on non eco-friendly plastic wrap!

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