For The Love of Guiding- Mark Stavrakis Limpopo Field Guiding Academy


There is an old saying in our industry – that a Field Guide gets paid in sunrises and sunsets. While this may be perceived in a couple of different ways, it most certainly is true.

For those who love being outdoors, for those who cannot bear to be trapped in an office – this is for you. Yes we get paid in sunrises. Yes we get paid in sunsets. We also earn decent packages when one takes into consideration the salary, living costs are covered, no driving to and from work on a daily basis – and if you are a passionate guide, it’s highly likely that you will earn very good gratuities as well.

So what is it that makes a great field guide? Is it passion? Is it knowledge? Experience? Well, yes – all of those are necessary and if you are trained by a reputable, accredited guides academy, then you should have the basic foundation to work with. But there is more – it’s the X-factor. That special something that sets a really good guide apart from the rest.

There is another saying – in most walks of life – that if you love what you do, then you will never work a day in your life. This is unequivocally true, for if you love what you do, then you are in control. Perhaps this is the basis for the X-factor. Perhaps this is where passion stems from.

At Limpopo Field Guiding Academy, we have created a process of nature immersion that stacks the odds in favour of you finding your inner passion. It could be birding, it could be tracking, it could be working with Dangerous Game – or it could be a special interest in wild flowers. No topic is too small, no organism is unimportant and no ecological process is ignored.

Whether you spend the full 2 months on a FGASA-endorsed Apprentice Field Guide Course or ……..