Find purpose, confidence, and adventure with a Career as a Professional Nature Guide

The world is changing and so are our ideas of how to prepare for a career! University training has become irrelevant and outdated in many fields – especially one as dynamic as Wildlife Tourism. This is great news for many young people that are passionate and ready to take on the world, but dread having to spend hours in yet another classroom before getting out into the working world.

“Like many young adults that love an outdoor lifestyle, I was so overwhelmed when thinking of how to find a professional job that allows me to be out in nature every day, without having to spend years sitting in a university classroom or being prepared to volunteer or work for free!

I have always known that I belong outdoors but finding a good -career – one that allows me to help care for wildlife, snorkel along coral reefs, drive through the African bush in an open Landover or walk in the tracks of Africa’s Big Game seemed like an impossible dream! One reserved just for a lucky few!”

This is the life story of most of Bhejane’s students prior to attending one of our life-changing career courses to become a Professional Nature Guide!

Despite tourism in Southern Africa still being one of the fastest-growing industries, most people are still unaware of the many exciting career opportunities this industry offers to outdoor-loving young adults, eager not only to play their part as the next guardians of our natural wildlife heritage but also determined not to spend their lives working boring meaningless jobs that have no bigger purpose!