We eventually got to the end of the 4th week of the FGASA endorsed Trails Guide Course, after completing all the tests and assessments that this incredible experience involved during the past month.

The final week was basically a summative assessment where we were evaluated on our competence thus far, before being put forth through the next steps of the mentorship journey, which would eventually lead us to become Lead Trails Guides and, later, Professional Trails Guides.

The final days again involved walking in the bush, but this time we were put under the spotlight while carrying rifles, taking the part of the 2nd rifle in the walking formation. The whole aim of this phase is in fact to see if we are actually able to operate as 2nd rifles, before proceeding forward.

We also had the chance to experience the position of the 1st rifle at times, but always with the professional mentor close-by, just as it happens when a learner vehicle driver is allowed to drive with an experienced driver beside them, who is always there and ready to take over at all times. So, at this stage, all the experience gained in the bush until this time, from the first days of the FGASA endorsed Apprentice Field Guide training to the rifle handling skills gained during the Apprentice Trails Guide course, should finally translate into a safe and enjoyable walking experience in Big 5 territory.