© Valorie Darling/ Cottar’s 1920s Safaris

It’s time to switch off, slow down and surrender yourself to a luxury African safari experience that is good for the mind, body and soul.

Africa has some of the most exceptional locations that will take your breath away every time you step out onto the deck of your safari camp or lodge. A luxury safari experience offers you relaxing activities and amenities that complement the peaceful setting in the wilderness and make tuning out of the outside world a breeze.

Put your feet up and find out some of the ways a luxury safari in Africa is a great way to detox digitally:

Laid-back locations

Luxury suite at Tongabezi with a spectacular view of the Zambezi River © Martin Visser/Tongabezi

After a day spent exploring Livingstone Island and the iconic Victoria Falls or adventuring through Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park on a game drive, the sound of the mighty Zambezi River lapping gently below your riverfront suite at Tongabezi will undoubtedly lull you into a deep, restful sleep.


Sleep-out deck at Garonga in the wild heart of the Greater Makalali Private Game Reserve © Garonga

A unique safari experience is spending the night on the sleep-out deck at Garonga above the bushes of the Greater Makalali Private Game Reserve in South Africa, knowing that you share the space below (from a safe height) with all members of the famous Big 5.


Private bush villa at Cottar’s overlooking the Masai Mara © Cottar’s 1920s Safaris

In the Masai Mara, where millions of wildebeest and zebra make their annual migration to find greener pastures, panoramic vistas of Kenya’s world-renowned national park from Cottar’s Bush Villa are constantly transforming by the shifting sun and it is quite impossible to grow tired of nature’s beauty.

Mindful movement


Explore the Greater Makalali Private Game Reserve by foot © Garonga

A walking safari immerses you in the bush in a special way that is quite different to a traditional game drive. Ditching the four wheels for your feet is both exhilirating and calming as you are forced to slow down, enjoy nature’s small wonders and also be aware of your place in the great wilderness around you.


Enjoy your yoga flow in the Masai Mara © Valorie Darling/Cottar’s 1920s Safaris

Staying active is equally important for your mind as it is for your body. There are different ways to continue a healthy lifestyle on holiday in a remote African destination and taking your favourite exercise, such as yoga, into nature can truly invigorate your routine.


Get your workout in at the gym with the Zambezi River close by © Tongabezi

There may be more traditional ways of working out at some luxury safari camps and lodges. Personal health and wellness is a vital part of detoxing and for some, this means working up a sweat at the gym or swimming laps in the pool.

Soulful slow-down


Be spoilt with a massage with the sounds of the Masai Mara below © Cottar’s 1920s Safaris

Your time is your own when on a safari, which means you can do as little or as much as you wish. Treating yourself to a massage and spa pamper session is a great way to relax, unwind and connect with yourself whilst surrounded only by the sounds of nature.


Unwind in the wilderness of the Greater Makalali Private Game Reserve in a bush bath © Garonga

There is something so soothing about soaking in a warm bubble bath with a glass of your favourite drink and a starry African sky above you. The nocturnal bush comes alive with different noises and sights that will have you captivated right through until you realise the water has cooled.


Cool off by the pool under a warm Zambian sun © Martin Visser/Tongabezi

Getting some sun while you are on safari will give you good dose of healthy Vitamin D and clean air. Recline on a comfortable lounger or take a dip in the pool to cool off after a dusty game drive to refresh yourself for the afternoon activities.

Going on a luxury safari in Africa will make switching off your gadgets and connecting with yourself, an effortless task.