Limpopo Field Guiding Academy has a bursary program that focuses on uplifting people from our local communities. People who, due to disadvantages in the past, have never had the means to attend a course. You can make a difference, and here is how you can do it:

  • Sign up for our Limpopo Legacy bursary program
  • Select which type of bursary you would like to sponsor
  • Select which month of the year you would like to be involved
  • Make a difference and change lives!

You can choose from our short FGASA mentorship courses which are 3 or 4 weeks in duration, or go for the full, FGASA endorsed, 2 month Apprentice Field Guide course. With 9 course start dates in each calendar year, there are many options to choose from. Simply select an option that suits your personal circumstance and we will forward you the course details. Once you have signed up for the relevant sponsorship, we will match your donation to a worthy candidate that is in need of assistance.


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