The Makhonjwa Mountains are a Geological World Heritage Site, inscribed on the 2 of July 2018.

It is in this area where:

*molten lava and super heated gasses cooled to form the most ancient rocks on the planet.

*the fossils of the oldest life on earth are preserved.

*where breathtaking views and scenic picnic sites are the order of the day.

Today one can experience various tours within and around Barberton from scenic drives to historical mine tours and prospecting in the same rivers beds the early settlers used.

Learn about the trials and tribulations of the pioneers who discovered the gold that brought about the development of Umjindi


A great way to experience our Barberton Heritage Walk is with our new 3 seat Tuk Tuk.

This is truly a unique way of visiting our museums, museum houses as well as other interesting historical sites


Mining Tours are done daily with two different mines to choose from: ALL TOURS –  3 HOURS

Departure Daily 9am or 14pm Bray’s Golden Quarry – This is a historical mine tour into what was the richest gold mine I the world in the late 1800’s.

Clutha Mine Tour – This is a historical dormant commercial mine, this tour is more mining orientated, FUN for all ages.

Both offer FREE prospecting!! Once you depart from our tours you will have a greater respect for all those who work under harsh conditions seeking that glitter in the rock deep underground.


We also offer various other activities. Please feel free to contact us for any further information that may be required.


 Tell No: (info) 066 222 1028 or

(Andrea) 079 180 1488

Physical: 117 Crown Street

GPS: 25°47’20.48”S  31°3’26.07”E