One lucky social media fan is the winner of a fabulous hoodie donated by Ulovane Environmental Training.

Is it you?



Congratulations to Belinda Viret

We loved your ideas on how everyday people can do their part and become GOOD STEWARDS OF THE LAND
“Besides recycling, being a good steward also means driving responsibly on open roads. The amount of roadkill on roadsides is tragic, and can be reduced if people drive more vigilantly. Look out for snakes and tortoises in the road, and safely try to avoid driving over them. If birds emerge from the bushes, slow down to give them time to cross the road safely. When driving at night, don’t race through areas inhabited by buck and owls. Consider reducing speed and switch on your brights, so you can see if there are animals in the road. Remember, humans are not the only road users, or species with families!”
Enjoy your new hoodie!