A family holiday trip to an overseas destination can be thrilling but it can also stretch your sanity to the limit, especially if you are travelling with young children for the first time.

From keeping the kids entertained and calm on a long flight to dealing with a bout of flu or worse in an unfamiliar territory – Chubb Travel Insurance  provides some handy tips to keep your family travels happy and hassle-free, and your sanity safely on the rails:


  • Leave the kitchen sink at home – As a parent, you may be tempted to pack everything ‘just in case’.  Try not to overpack by making a list of essentials – and sticking to it. Check with any hotels you are staying in whether they provide items such as camp cots and prams to hire as this can be much more convenient.
  • Official documents – Research is your best friend on this aspect to ensure that you have the correct travel documents in place for your child and yourself. Do officials and border control require a passport, unabridged birth certificates, immunisation records and so on?