The thought of packing for that long awaited holiday can be daunting. Do you take warm clothes or cool clothes? How many pairs of shoes are you going to need? Wet weather or dry weather gear? The decisions are endless and as tempting as it may be to pack everything “ just in case” – DON’T. Packing requires practicality. You don’t want to be wasting money on excess baggage fees and be burdened with having to haul a heavy bag around a city you don’t know. So, no matter where you’re headed these holidays, follow our “7 Top Tips for Travelling Light” and we’ll teach you how to pack like a pro.

  1. Limit yourself to one bag

    This is a hard one we know. Most airlines still allow one free bag as checked luggage so by limiting yourself to one bag you’re automatically saving money which means more money to spend on holiday. You can never have enough spending money right? Spread all the clothes you think you’re going to need on the bedroom floor and then systematically pick each item up and ask yourself “Will this be worth lugging around your holiday destination for three weeks” If the honest answer is no or even maybe – leave it behind. If in doubt, leave it out.