Sunset over the Okavango Delta © Under One Botswana Sky

We are huge fans of Southern Africa as a region for safaris. It boasts incredible wilderness destinations that can have avid wildlife-enthusiasts booking their next trip as soon as they arrive back home. Nothing beats the deep oranges and purples that are painted across the sky at the end of each day, the iconic call of an African fish eagle overhead or discovering a leopard in a tree with a fresh kill.

There are so many reasons to fall in love with this region. Here are just five reasons that might have you booking your own Southern African safari:

Wildly beautiful landscapes

Wonder View in the Lowveld Region of South Africa © umSisi House

Southern Africa’s terrain is incredibly varied, ranging from forest to grasslands, deserts to wetlands, and beaches to mountains. Its geographical diversity and wild landscapes makes it one of the most intriguing regions on the continent.


An aerial view of the Okavango Delta in northern Botswana © Under One Botswana Sky

A safari allows you to become fully immersed in this natural beauty, taking in the stunning, expansive vistas from a hilltop or learning about the details and inter-connectedness of a particular ecosystem up-close while on foot.

Bountiful and diverse wildlife


A young lion watches for prey from a high vantage point © Under One Botswana Sky

From the mighty elephant to the small dung beetle, a Southern African safari is characterised by its biodiversity. Many destinations found in this region are strongholds of Africa’s Big 5 (buffalo, elephant, leopard, lion and rhino) and sighting these animals is a highlight for many.


A pack of African Wild Dogs roam the Kruger National Park © umSisi House

Wildlife conservation efforts in countries like South Africa and Botswana have created natural sanctuaries for endangered wildlife species like African wild dogs, cheetahs and wattled cranes. Speaking of birds, there are over 900 species found in Southern Africa, many of which are endemic to the region.

Luxury lodgings


A front view of umSisi House just outside Kruger National Park © umSisi House

Safari hotspots throughout Southern Africa boast an excellent range of luxury lodges, camps and guesthouses. For instance, the well-appointed country villa of umSisi House near the Kruger National Park, offers modern comforts, personalised service and private safaris into the park.


A tented suite with private deck at Mma Dinare in the Okavango Delta © Under One Botswana Sky

There are more traditional safari tented camps like Mma Dinare in the Okavango Delta, where your lodging is within the private concession that you explore each day. This is a special experience as you can usually watch elephants, buffalo and other wildlife passing by your private deck.

Child-friendly safaris


Children wait to go on a private guided safari in the Kruger National Park © umSisi House

There are many accessible and secure destinations that are great for a family-friendly Southern African safari. While there may be some age restrictions, particularly when going on game drives, there are usually activities for the kids to enjoy at camp while you are out for a few hours in the bush.


The children’s room of a tented suite in Mma Dinare in the Okavango Delta © Under One Botswana Sky

Accomodation can be equally child-friendly. Special attention is paid to ensure every member of the modern, multi-generational family has a completely hassle-free, safe and unforgettable safari experience together.

Exciting modes of travel


Navigating a lagoon in the Okavango Delta by mokoro © Under One Botswana Sky

Safari destinations in Southern Africa offer unique ways to explore the wilderness and each mode of transport gives a different perspective from which to view the landscape and its wildlife. Water-based safaris allow you to float alongside hippos, elephants and dazzling birdlife by boat or small canoe.


Rhinos stop a game vehicle as the cross a road in Kruger National Park © umSisi House

If you prefer to stay on terra firma, you can explore the bush via four-wheel drive or, in some places, on a walking safari led by an expert guide. You will have the opportunity to pass by magnificent animals like giraffes and wildebeest as they roam in their natural habitat.