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RIP CURRENTS ARE NATURAL PHENOMENA OCCURRING EVERY DAY ALONG COASTLINES. THEY ARE DANGEROUS. Most of us love the beach. We feel that hot sunshine on our bodies, the tangy smell of the ozone hits our senses and that surf looks so good. All our instincts kick in, and we dive…
Discover 100 must-do activities in Durban, with MapStudio’s newly released Visitor’s Guide to Durban. This “kif” guide will not only give you interesting facts and figures, but also important information like transport options and “dossing” (accommodation) options. Keep the laaities happy and tour the city visiting the beaches, surfbreaks, learn…
Hoyo Hoyo Safari Lodge upgrade completed Hoyo Hoyo Safari Lodge have just completed a fabulous upgrade of their main deck areas. In an effort to remain ahead of the pack, this popular lodge set deep within a private concession in the Kruger National Park have spent the past couple of…

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