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Isibindi Zulu Lodge Featured

A place of beauty and peacefulness

Sitting in the privacy of the small viewing deck of my traditional beehive-shaped suite, at Zulu Lodge , gazing across the valley at the beautiful “kopies” that surround and seem to embrace the lodge, it’s easy to understand why the Zulu nation fought so hard to keep this land as their own during the Anglo-Zulu wars which took place between 1876 and 1879. The surrounding hills are steeped in history, and where once the noise of battle resounded, and the blood of 1000’s of men was shed, now there is now only beauty and a sense of peacefulness.

Isibindi Africa Lodge's, Zulu lodge is situated within the 2000 hectares Isibindi Eco-reserve. The lodge is located in the heart of the historic battlefields region of South Africa, a five-hour drive from Johannesburg and four hours from Durban.

The land the lodge is built on belongs to the local community. It is leased from them with Zulu Lodge providing employment and actively embarking on various projects which assist the impoverished commu-nities in the surrounding areas.

Celebrating a proud nation

The Zulu’s are a proud and humble nation, with many of them have remained steadfast in their culture, traditions and beliefs. They have called Kwazulu Natal their home since the 16th century. Shaka reigned as their king between 1816 and 1828 and during his rule, he united them into one of the mightiest tribes of the land. He introduced new battle formations, weaponry and strict discipline among his men which soon saw his tribe increase in size, from 1500 to 50 000 strong.

Guests at Zulu Lodge get to experience some of their traditions and be educated about their beliefs during their stay with the lodge. A Zulu Cultural Tour will take you to a traditional homestead where the traditions and culture of the Zulu nation are explained in depth, and you get the opportunity to interact with members of the local community.

While on a full day tour of the battlefields the reality of what took place during Anglo-Zulu war is brought alive by well informed and passionate guides. You are taken to see the sites including the Isandlwana and Rorke’s Drift battlefields where the British and the Zulu’s fought some epic battles.


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